Series: Thread Caravan Story by Caitlin Ahern

Description of the series

Thread Caravan hosts cultural art workshops around the world in an effort to preserve traditional art forms, and provide a platform for deeper cross-cultural understanding and creative inspiration.
Started 3 years ago, Thread Caravan currently hosts weaving workshops with indigenous Kaqchikel artisans in Guatemala, weaving, ceramics and mezcal-making trips with indigenous Zapotec artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico and sailing and embroidery trips with indigenous Guna artisans in Panama.
This photo series was taken by Caitlin during a textile trip in Oaxaca, Mexico.

About the photographer

Originally from the state of Georgia in the United States, currently living in Mexico City, Caitlin Ahern started Thread Caravan 3 years ago when she saw a need to provide a platform for indigenous artisans to share their stories and dive into the complexities of various cultural craft processes hands-on.
Caitlin is a teacher and creative, with a drive to facilitate deeper understanding of the world and cross-cultural connections.

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