Series: Self-Portraits by Nicole Small

About the photographer:

Nicole Small (One on One Art Portraits),  is an artist and photographer located Montreal, Canada who specializes in the art of self-portraiture and black and white fine art photography. Devoted to working with vintage style cameras in a variety of formats creating black and white photographic portraits of art in both traditional and non-traditional genres.

Nicole Small is an artist that is fascinated with creating instant, bold and direct visual connections with the human face in both her personal work and when  photographing people. The exploration of the unusual, the unexpected and the non-mainstream are the generators behind her works of art through the use of historical photographic techniques alongside the dimensions of light in time and stillness in light.

Artist statement:

I love photographing people. I love photographing personalities and most importantly human emotion. I am and have always been drawn to and inspired by human emotions. The real, raw and honest. My perspective on photographing people is oftenly up close and personal; “the eyes, the mouth, the face”,  the best place to bear witness to an honest reality.

Creating instant, bold and direct visual connections is what I am when photographing people and when creating my self-portraiture work. It is an obsession and a delight photographing in a way that illustrates the openness to see the subject from the heart, rather than the comfort zone of vanity.

As a portrait artist, I find it difficult to accept the factory-assembly style of contemporary photographic portraiture. I see everyone as an individual and therefore cannot possibly see everyone under the same light, nor would I want to fall victim to allowing myself to photograph in this way.

Self-portraiture plays an important part in my world of creativity.  It is an approach that keeps me balanced, especially in times where there is no one to photograph. It has opened my mind to fearlessness and acceptance of being seen as vulnerable and  not seen as the “typical manipulated to perfection”  that everyone has become so accustomed to expecting and seeing as the norm. It is also a way for me to somehow, ( in a completely different perspective), bring my own personal conceptual ideas to life that were originally planned out as I the photographer and not the subject matter.

Photographer: Nicole Small

© All rights reserved Nicole Small

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