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My first contact with analog photography was in 1983-1985 when I was a kid – 10-12 years old – and I watched my father developing photos made with a Smena 8 camera.
I started to consider photography in 2005-2005 with a digital camera. Then with an old Exacta Varex on film. I liked film so I got my first “serious” film camera, a Nikon FM2 in 2008. I already had a Nikon digital system at that time and the lenses were OK also for FM2.
But for some unknown reason I was attracted by the square format and in 2009 I’ve got the first medium format camera, a square format Hasselblad 500 C/M.
In 2011 I decided to give up to film and to keep only digital gear, which I did. But only for two years. In 2013 I started again to use a Hasselblad film camera. I am still using it since then together with a large format system since 2014 and 35mm camera since 2017.

I consider film to be more soft, more imperfect, more warm. More human. I am especially attracted by the square format and I prefer black and white film but there are situation when I “see” in color.

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