Series: Paramnesia by Jiuxun Jin

About the photographer:
Jiuxun Jin is a multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Most of his works are collaged with historical, cultural and political myths through the still and moving images. He has exhibited in Philadelphia, Baltimore, Milwaukee, New York, Spain, and multiple cities in China.

About this series:
As participants and observers, we are the living traces of what’s left. We sometimes lie to ourselves like a huge net that is always attempting to catch fleeting shadows and desires. What we want to believe is that we live in a “wonderful” world. But if this world is the “reality”, then we are living in a continuously changing intentions, our life circumstances are hard to define and understand. Beyond the Stereotypical cognition and illusions, what is real and what is the reality.

Photographer: Jiuxun Jin

© All rights reserved Jiuxun Jin

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