Series: Lost Tales by Ritam Talukdar

Description of the series

Lost Tales is a long term work of mine discovering the known and unknown spaces that create a particular moment. With fragmented pieces of images that neither has a beginning nor has an end, time never been still and concentrated in one place. With life turning into a journey, I sometimes find myself stranded in between places at various times and the images changing the scenarios every time I take a ride. Waking up at various places, the stringent symphonies of life also creates a discarded tune that no longer has a melody of its own but the spaces reminds me of time when I was there. Just like travelling between places and my home town, the series of pictures taken in between helps me to explore the unknown places and the nostalgia that lingers in each and every corner. The images are no longer a sudden epiphany but it is an effort to remember the places that served as a bitter sweet symphony in my life.
These moments shown in the images have been lost and in no way they can be brought back in this era, like the age of my mother, the stout build of my best friend and the silver lining of the vast cloudscape that three childhood friends enjoyed while going for a trekking. They had their importance within the fleeting moments and just like time, once it is gone there’s no way we can experience it again. And just like that every single image has a noteworthy value.
The images have been taken with the help of an old Kodak Analog Camera as I wanted the retro and grainy touch to be present within my photographs so that it can represent the form that has been etched in my memories. Whenever you take out an old book from a shelf it doesn’t necessarily bear the form of newness inside it, but instead the old and tattered pages draws our curiosity, as to what lay inside it.

About the photographer

Ritam Talukdar is a freelance photographer from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Since the last three years he is doing photography and short articles regarding photography which has earned him publications in various mediums like Private, Dodho, The Edge of Humanity Magazine, FStop Magazine etc. Since the last one year he has been using film in his analog camera to take photos. The following series that he has been doing regarding his film camera is a long term one depicting the moments in between my travelling life. He has been travelling since 2016 and he is trying to explore the left out spaces that have been linked with his memory all the while. His aim of this project is to show how the small, uncanny spaces photographed can give us an extreme pleasure to look over to the beautiful memories that he has made. The best thing is that the moments have already happened in the past and cannot be brought back again at any costs.

Photographer: Ritam Talukdar

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