Series: Denver Soaked by Tania Kaaz

About Tania Kaaz

I’ve been interested in art since I can remember. When I was 11 years old, I got a form of muscular dystrophy that made me partially paralyzed, forcing me go through the world at a very slow pace, causing me to see the minute things many people would normally miss. This made me mindful of my surroundings and I started chronicling them through art. I soon started taking black and white photographs with 35mm film, mesmerized at the details I could capture that others missed, things like the texture of masonry or the pattern of rust on a dumpster. After high school, I went into remission, but my appreciation and passion for those things unseen by most remained.

I continued with black and white photography for two semesters at the University of Colorado. During this time, digital photography was just starting to take hold. I appreciated analog photography more than ever. With film, you only get a limited amount of chances to get your image to look correct. You have to get the shot right or that image is gone forever. You cannot take the photo, check it and retake it. There is a beauty in that. If you process the film yourself, you also have to make sure you process correctly, or your negative could look different than intended, or even be damaged. I also love the physical permanence of film. The negative is something you can touch. It is there, it exists in reality. As my classmates embraced digital, I felt more and more alienated.

After college, I entered the corporate world and did not take photographs for a very long time until an amazing film photographer, Luke Henery, encouraged me to begin taking analog photos again. I started with black and white photography and started to process my own black and white film at home. I still take black and white photos but I also take color photos which I process at home.

About the Series

I soaked my 35mm film in various liquids to create these colorful and surreal images of the Colorado Convention Center and Union Station in Downtown Denver. Some film was expired and some was new.   I soaked some of the rolls in tequila and lime juice, some in vinegar and some in merlot.  I wanted to illustrate the vibrancy and whimsy of these locations and the colors and effects the specific liquids I used did just that.  I shot on a Pentax K1000 and used expired Fuji Fujicolor 100 film and new Kodak Ultramax 400 film.

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