Series: Capturing people by Grégoire Huret

Grégoire Huret is a self-taught photographer passionate about street photography and 35mm cameras. Through his photographs, he expresses an honest vision of life around him by capturing on black and white film various situations on the fly. Without effects or staging, his photographs portray lonely characters in front of graphic backdrops where the use of contrast and texture reinforces his quest for authenticity.

The project: « Capturing people; being honest with the world around us »

Through this selection, the photographer questions man’s position in his own habitat, whether it is urban or not.
In a constant search of evidence, his photographs are not limited to a single technique of shooting ; above all, he seeks to transmit an emotion, he tries to tell us a story: that of a punk in Paris, a waitress one evening in Manhattan or a car crash in Doha …
Without hesitation , he sums up his photographic work with the following words: “Capturing people; being honest with the world around us “.
Like a mantra he keeps repeating, these words guide his photographic intentions revealing a raw world where the photographer seeks authenticity through the scenes of everyday life.
Capturing people reminds us of our relationship to others, our relationship to time, and our vision of the world around us. It is above all a question of choice.
For this series, the author has chosen to photograph the subjects in their natural environment without any staging to ensure that the emotion of the fleeting moment may be the dominating feeling.
Being honest with the world around us implies some form of abandonment in its creation.
This is the risk taken by the photographer, who, for the sake of authenticity accepts the constraints imposed by his subjects, whether it means provoking, following, discussing or even stealing some clichés.
Some of the works presented here have already been the subject of an exhibition and publications between 2014 and 2017.

Photographer: Grégoire Huret

All rights reserved // Copyright 2018 Grégoire Huret

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