Series: Bedroom Stories by Violette Nell

About the photographer: Violette Nell was born in France some 20 years ago. Self-taught, She has a passion for photogaphy very late; melancholic portraits of Julia Margaret Cameron and Lady Clementina Hawarden mainly gave her the desire to start photography. She shoots both digital and film. She mainly draws her inspiration from vintage stuff, fashion, painting, cinema, nature and art in general. Her favorite themes are the couple and the intimate portrait. What interests her the most is to transcribe authentic emotions not overplayed through atmospheres. She is very attached to light, in the sense of composition, to the harmony of colors, as well as to the style that she hope to give to her image. She appreciates as much to take pictures in black and white as in colors, all depends of the context.

About the series: Bedroom Stories is Inspired by cinematography and painting, these are photographs taken in hotel rooms. This work is mainly based on the themes of sensitive femininity and intimist portrait. Here, it is a question of an intimacy attached to a person, it echoes the end of illusions. Even though the bodies are full of sensuality, they also leave room in some pictures to a melancholy peculiar to the solitude that each person meets in his life. The fruits present (clementine, pomegranate), bearers of meaning as in the Vanities are also to report on the latter.

Photographer: Violette Nell

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