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About the photographer (self interview)

Myself: Who are you?
Me: We must also start in some way; my name is Nicola Bruschi I am a set designer, first theatrical even though I have had cinematographic experiences and in various productions; I am very attracted to places, to the atmospheres that places can evoke. I was born the last century, I live in Bologna and I work in Venice, where I am a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts.

Myself: Photography?
Me: Photography absolves, and solves, that expressive and language that my work as a set designer can not play; I’m a set designer but I’m not a painter, photography allows me that free expressive search that I need: it interacts with the places, and the bodies, that I photograph showing the side that apparently can not be seen.

Myself: The bodies?
Me: The bodies are the other side of the coin where on the one hand there is an interest in the place as an evocative of atmospheres, an ideal “genius loci”; the other side is the human body that is or can be the cell and the content of this space/place.

Myself: So?
Me: So it’s always about research: the human body as “architecture” that inhabits the place and the place as “architecture” that contains the body; in an ideal search of form, on the side of the body and sensations from that of the place. Both are carriers of a story that contains their peculiar “truth” that I like to investigate; I think I never found it but the research is exciting.

Myself: A little ‘technique for not to fall into philosophical speculation …
Me: I tend to work in two ways, on the one hand I take the camera (digital in this case but not always) and I go out to take pictures, it’s like walking or breathing: necessary. The second approach is to think a set, draw it with some visual notes, prepare it and then shoot, in this case the analog has a huge value compared to the digital; there is a sort of “craftsmanship” that makes everything more precious, especially when working with models in pose.

Myself: The models? The camera?
Me: The models are not really real models, even if some are but not in the photographic field, they are friends who put their trust in me that I hope to repay with the result of my work; the relationship of friendship allows me a good job of personal research that with a professional model maybe I would be afraid to try. The analogical camera with which I work and have worked are many, in fact I buy and sell camera continuously hoping to find the right one: “the camera”! Which obviously does not exist. In any case I worked a lot with the medium format: Zenza Bronica, Kiev and Mamiya; with 35 mm tendentially Pentax or a Nikon.

Myself: Thanks and good work.
Me: Please.

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