Outside fridge: interview with Zahira Zinna

BeAnalogic.com promotes and spreads the idea of analog photography, that is why we want to learn more about our users! “Outside Fridge” is a section of our website, where we interview our users. Why “Outside Fridge”? Often, analog photographers save their films in the fridge, to maintain the quality of celluloid. Once put, you can “relax and chat” with us. Today we interview Zahira Zinna.

Sebastiano: Who is Zahira Zinna?
Zahira: I’m Zahira Zinna Guidi and I’m a conceptual photographer. I was born in San Luis, Argentina but I currently live in Cordoba, Argentina.

Sebastiano: When did your passion for photography?
Zahira: I’ve always been into art in general, specially art related to design and advertising, I even studied fashion design and advertising but I felt that wasn’t enough to communicate everything I wanted to say. In 2010 my parents gave me a Yashica 107 and it was love at first sight.

Sebastiano: Do you remember when you took your first film roll pack?
Zahira: The firs film roll I took was a colour plus e 200 ASA of 36 exp. with the Yashica 107. Only twelve pictures came out well from that film roll and I completely loved them.

Sebastiano: What do you like about film photography or photography in general?
Zahira: I think photography in general is a very interesting tool for communication, when it’s used to say the truth, even though it can be manipulated. When it comes to film photography I love the handmade process, the limit when you take the picture, the time you have to wait, all those aspects help me a lot in the process of composition.

Sebastiano: What kind of photography usually you shot and what kind of film cameras did you use?
Zahira: I’m not exigent with the type of film I use, I always try to use Fujifilm X-tra 400, I love Fujifilm. I’m currently using a Canon At1 with 50mm and 28mm, I also use a Pentax MZ-7 with a 28-80mm lens with panoramic effect cutting down the negative, it gives a dramatic effect which I love.

Sebastiano: What are the characteristics that distinguish you as a photographer?
Zahira: I think my different conceps distinguish me, the way in which I present my material. I try to be persistent with my concepts and to keep a defined conceptual thread in my work.

Sebastiano: I see on Instagram that you shoot places. Can you talk about your works?
Zahira: I shoot places, mostly places that have a piece of history of who used to be there or the way it used to be and the environment (trees, bushes) force its changes and modifications. I always try to include plants and nature because I think everything goes back to its natural form, not in the same way, of course. My pictures portray that, that is my conceptual base.

Sebastiano: Who are the photographers that influenced your work?
Zahira: When I studied photography a few of the artists that motivated me the most were the photographers of Düsseldorf school, specially Petra Wunderlich and Jörq Sasse, I think their work was my first motivation in the fiekd of photography. But I always admired various artists such as Andy Warhol, who is my biggest inspiration and I consider fantastic the way Pedro Almodovar handles colours.

Sebastiano: What is the future of film photography?
Zahira: I think film photography is back and it’s stronger than Terminator haha, in Argentina is the independent movement is growing, and I hope it succeeds.

Sebastiano: Your plans for future?
Zahira: I want to keep working, what I enjoy the most are contests and competitions, so I always try to have material available.

Translation: Azul Guidi

If you want to know more about Zahira Zinna:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/zahirazinna/

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