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BeAnalogic.com promotes and spreads the idea of analog photography, that is why we want to learn more about our users! “Outside Fridge” is a section of our website, where we interview our users. Why “Outside Fridge”? Often, analog photographers save their films in the fridge, to maintain the quality of celluloid. Once put, you can “relax and chat” with us. Today we interview Dan Isaac Wallin.

Sebastiano Gange: Who is Dan Isaac Wallin?
Dan Isaac Wallin: I’m a photographer / artist working fulltime with my art. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden on the westcoast. Mostly working with Polaroid.

Sebastiano: When did your passion for photography?
Dan: It all started 1996 when I for the first time went in to a darkroom. I got hooked right away and than it all started. Went to two different photography schools for 3,5 years in Sweden and from 2003 I have worked with photography.

Sebastiano: Do you remember when you took your first roll?
Dan: I already did photography as a kid, around 13 years old I took some photos I remember but seriously it all started 1997 when I developed my first own pictures.

Sebastiano: What do you like about analogic photography or photography in general?
Dan: When I started photography digital was not common yet. I learned photography the analog way and I still like it much more. It’s different way of working but for me analog is closer to the heart. It’s slow and it makes me think much more. To get home with just a few pictures, well composed is much easier for me than a couple of 100 digital. Also the coincidence that things can happen in the process of analog is great. Some surprises are always welcome.

Sebastiano: What kind of photography usually you shot and what kind of analogic camera did you use?
Dan: I mostly do landscape and portraits. The nature always been close to my heart and for me it’s like meditation to wander around in beautiful landscapes. I like to be in places for long time so I really get a feeling for the area and can capture the soul of it. Every person has a story to tell and that’s interesting. To work with largeformat cameras which is very slow way of working makes time to get to know people. Normally I do my portraits with different 4×5 or 8×10 cameras. Landscapes I do with 4×5 or with my beloved NPC195. I have a lot of different cameras.

Sebastiano: What are the characteristics that distinguish you as a photographer?
Dan: Nearly all my work is shot with Polaroidfilm. I love that material, there is so much you can do with it to change the character of the result. I always try to capture a dreamy melancholic world in my picture. That’s mostly where my mind end up and how I like to se the results.

Sebastiano: I see on your Instagram profile a series about animal portraits. How do you build these photos?
Dan: These photos was a serie I did two years ago. They are not build up, they are all taken at the Natural Museum in Gothenburg. I was there for a period of time on Mondays when the museum is closed for visitors and walked around these beautiful animals and photographed them. Even if they are stuffed animals it feelt like they came alive and where watching me.

Sebastiano: I see also that you like to shoot nature places and people portraits with different photographic tecniques. How do you choose these places and people?
Dan: Nature is so beautiful and there are so many places to go to. I choose places where I can feel my heart can connect. Normally I need to go there for many times to really feel the atmosphere. People could be close friends or just people I meet on my life journey that I feel is interesting. Also sometimes work, people call me up for art portraits.

Sebastiano: Who are the photographers that influenced your work?
Dan: Sarah Moon

Sebastiano: What is the future of analogic photography?
Dan: I think analog photography always will be there. I used to do a lot of alternative photography which was common in the 1900th century. People still do it and it’s a handcraft to do it. It’s you that make the print if you go in to the darkroom and it smells chemicals. Always going to be magic.

Sebastiano: Your plans for future?
Dan: Right now I work on new material from Mexico. I spent 3,5 monthes there last winter and just scanned all the Polaroids. The plan is a new exhibition and also a book of this material from Mexico. I did one book 2012 with polaroid named “Steps on snow, dust on the lips”. Have a lot of material during the years and planning some new books.



If you want to know more about Dan Isaac Wallin:
Website: www.danisaacwallin.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/danisaacwallin
Instagram: www.instagram.com/danisaacwallin
All right reserved // Copyright 2017 Dan Isaac Wallin

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