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BeAnalogic.com promotes and spreads the idea of analog photography, that is why we want to learn more about our users! “Outside Fridge” is a section of our website, where we interview our users. Why “Outside Fridge”? Often, analog photographers save their films in the fridge, to maintain the quality of celluloid. Once put, you can “relax and chat” with us. Today we interview Ulmo Carcosa.

Sebastiano: Who is Ulmo Carcosa?
Ulmo: Ulmo is someone whom I aspire to be while I grow. My name is Martin Della Savia, from Buenos Aires. Ulmo has nothing to do with this world and its sickness. Is someone who tries to stay sensitive.

Sebastiano: When did your passion for photography started?
Ulmo: 2-3 years ago. I took writing and photography practically at the same time while turning into individual forms of art expressions.

Sebastiano: Do you remember when you took your first film roll pack?
Ulmo: It was an Ilford PAN 400 i used with a Pentax a friend gave me, and still use. I shot it during a few days and i saw the results really connected so i put it together in a series called “Roommate Agreement, three animals one roof”, not all of it is public unfortunately. But I saw a potential in terms of expression and creativity.

Sebastiano: What do you like about film photography or photography in general?
Ulmo: I always prefer film, not only because of the quality of the image, but because you get in touch with elements that behave in different ways (film rolls, chemicals and camera) and you don’t really have absolute control of it all. You just get the idea while you do it, but the result are always a surprise. In a way, you work with an unknown and cyclothymic partner.

Sebastiano: What kind of photography usually you shot and what kind of film cameras did you use?
Ulmo: I use only three cameras, Pentax K1000, Olympus XA and Minoltina-s. I love all of them but I’m recently in a crush with the Olympus.
I don’t think I shot a particular kind of photography. Most of all I shot people around me and moments I find interesting. Recently I’ve started to draw sketch’s of images i want to achieve, it works for me so i don’t forget and it’s easy to transmit ideas.

Sebastiano: What are the characteristics that distinguish you as a photographer?
Ulmo: I don’t really know, I try to do something different of what I see every photographer doing and, if I can, generate emotions. I hope that there is something to distinguish. If someone believes there is, I really appreciate. That means we are bonding.

Sebastiano: I see on Flickr that you shoot people and places. Can you talk about your work?
Ulmo: Most of it is spontaneous, but i like to plan my photographs if I’m shooting with a model for example. I like to have an specific image to aim to and an specific feeling to it. If i don’t have an idea of what i want to do I just don’t and shoot street, or my life, just for the pleasure of shooting. Now, my work is focused in specific projects, some portraits, which I usually don’t do, and with another project I’m trying to put in contrast religion and addiction.

Sebastiano: Can you talk about your nude analog project?
Ulmo: The model in the nude photos I sent to you is my girlfriend, with her I’m working on a series of photos B&W around the theme of passivity. You can see some of them in those photos. Other than that I’m not planning to shoot nudes, but I shoot my private life too, and nudes are inevitable. I guess that when I do it I want to take away the sexuality of it and show a more private and tender side, specially if the body alone awakes our sexual self.

Sebastiano: Who are the photographers that influenced your work?
Ulmo: I really like how Boogie shoots, especially street, I mean I’m truly in love. A photographer I admire is Liam Warton. He’s growing and is as personal as you can get, even tough we don’t shoot the same style, not even close, I learn a lot watching what he does.

Sebastiano: What is the future of film photography?
Ulmo: Hope long and prosper, It’s still in use, and is a drug that never goes down. From Tarantino filming with it, to photographers choosing it to work with, it’s in use and I’m very happy for that. I think it has to do with that feeling of not really knowing. The unknown is always attractive.

Sebastiano: Your plans for future?
Ulmo: Letting Ulmo guide. He tells me lots of projects are coming, so I’ll let him do whatever he does to me.

If you want to know more about Ulmo Carcosa:

WordPress: https://ulmocarcosa.wordpress.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ulmo.carcosa/

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/103618986@N05

All rights reserved // Copyright 2017 Ulmo Carcosa

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