Outside Fridge: interview Kristina Velkovska

BeAnalogic.com promotes and spreads the idea of analog photography, that is why we want to learn more about our users! “Outside Fridge” is a section of our website, where we interview our users. Why “Outside Fridge”? Often, analog photographers save their films in the fridge, to maintain the quality of celluloid. Once put, you can “relax and chat” with us. Today we interview Kristina Velkovska.

Sebastiano: Who is Kristina Velkovska?
Kristina: Philosophy student based in Skopje who always carries a film camera.

Sebastiano: When did your passion for photography?
Kristina: Probably in my High School days, I was camera-shy, so I was always the one behind it and I became aware how much it satisfies me, being behind the camera.

Sebastiano: Do you remember when you took your first film roll pack?
Kristina: Spring 2017 I finally got the chance to shoot my first roll, and I’ve been shooting ever since.

Sebastiano: What do you like about film photography or photography in general?
Kristina: I like the way cameras work. And I like the etymology behind the word ‘photography’ which sort of creates the whole concept behind photographing itself – drawing with light, and you precisely get this feeling when you take a film camera in hand. I love everything about film photography, the experience with analog cameras is always quite intimate.

Sebastiano: What kind of photography usually you shot and what kind of film cameras did you use?
Kristina: I mostly use my Porst Reflex TL with Carl Zeiss Jena 50mm F1.8 Tessar Lens, I am very satisfied with that combination of a body and lens. Sometimes I use Canon EOS 600, and I also have a lubitel 166 universal laying around. I like to shoot people, stuff I see on the streets, to capture some certain moments.

Sebastiano: What are the characteristics that distinguish you as a photographer?
Kristina: Oh, I don’t have an answer for that.

Sebastiano: I see on your Tumblr and Instagram that you shoot people. Can you talk about your work?
Kristina: Yes, I like to shoot people. Shooting people in some way gives meaning to photography.

Sebastiano: Another kind of your work is to photograph cars and roulotte! Why?
Kristina: I like seeing classic and vintage cars parked randomly on streets. And it’s always cool to spot a camper van.

Sebastiano: Who are the photographers that influenced your work?
Kristina: I love Andrei Tarkovsky’s Polaroids. Every Polaroid is such a beautiful moment in time. And Missy Prince, I follow his works.

Sebastiano: What is the future of film photography?
Kristina: I think film photography is being revived, and that is cool.

Sebastiano: Your plans for future?
Kristina: Start my own darkroom.

If you want to know more about Kristina Velkovska:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/krvlk

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kikithewormhole/

Tumblr: https://kiki-the-wormhole.tumblr.com/

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