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BeAnalogic.com promotes and spreads the idea of analog photography, that is why we want to learn more about our users! “Outside Fridge” is a section of our website, where we interview our users. Why “Outside Fridge”? Often, analog photographers save their films in the fridge, to maintain the quality of celluloid. Once put, you can “relax and chat” with us. Today we interview Josefina Bonavia.

Sebastiano: Who is Kokopeludo
Josefina: My name is Josefina Bonavia. I’m a graphic designer and a film photographer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sebastiano: When did your passion for photography?
Josefina: Probably around 2010 or something like that, when I started travelling with friends through South America.

Sebastiano: Do you remember when you took your first film roll pack?
Josefina: In 2011 I got the chance to shoot with a Mini Diana, which was a birthday gift and I’ve been shooting ever since.

Sebastiano: What do you like about film photography or photography in general?
Josefina: What I love about photography is to have the chance of capturing a life moment and make it last forever. I prefer film photography because I’m in love with the ritual of the analog photography. The magic, the texture, the patience of analog shots. I like waiting for the right moment to take a photo and also that feeling I have when I discover the results.

Sebastiano: What kind of photography usually you shot and what kind of film cameras did you use?
Josefina: Mostly I take photos of nature, landscapes and portraits. My main camera is a Pentax Asahi Spotmatic. I like exploring different types of cameras so I also shoot with some point&shoot cameras, plastic cameras, Polaroid, medium format and pin hole.

Sebastiano: What are the characteristics that distinguish you as a photographer?
Josefina: I don’t know, maybe the fact that I never stop exploring and experimenting with film and cameras.

Sebastiano: I see on Instagram that you shoot people and places. Can you talk about your works?
Josefina: I just try to shoot my everyday world or the way I see and feel about it. My camera is always close to me so I can react quickly and immortalize the moment.

Sebastiano: Who are the photographers that influenced your work?
Josefina: There are a number of photographers who’s work have inspired me. It’s a really long list and it only gets longer with every day that passes. Henri Cartier-Bresson, Cindy Sherman, Irving Penn, Martin Parr, Sebastião Salgado.

Sebastiano: What is the future of film photography?
Josefina: Film is not dead and I’m pleased to hear that several new films are coming out.

Sebastiano: Your plans for future?
Josefina: I hope to constantly improve every day, so I’ll continue shooting, travelling, learining and experimenting.

If you want to know more about Josefina Bonavia:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kokopeludo

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/josefinabonav

All rights reserved // Copyright 2017 Josefina Bonavia

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